Why Choose Us?  Fast Clean Pro will drastically improve the speed, performance and reliability of your computer. Detects & fixes critical PC errors, and will continue to scan PC for errors & warnings until the PC is 100% safe. Your PC will continue to run like new with scheduled cleanings running automatically. Why Wait Any Longer? Contact Us!
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Fast Clean Pro works best with

the following minimum system


Microsoft Windows FastClean Pro is compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP PRO (and Home) 32 & 64 bit Minimum: Internet Access 512MB of Ram 5MB of space on hard drive Recommended: Internet Connection 1GB of RAM 10MB of space on Hard Drive
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Fast Clean Pro  	When working with your PC, you get countless error messages.  	Performance on your computer is unusually slow  	Their are constant delays on your computer Cause: Over the course of a computer's lifetime hundreds of entries are left over in the computers registry database. These so-called values and keys refer to files, file types, applications, folders, or start up applications that no longer exist Solve These Issues:

We Handle:

Fast Clean Pro solves these problems by detecting and fixing driver errors such as: Startup entries that a 3rd party application forgot to delete, which could lead to problems during your computers startup Invalid file type pointers, which could lead to problems while opening files Orphaned entries within the list of installed applications, which could lead to problems when installing or uninstalling programs on your computer
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